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      Men & Women Vintage Music Bands T-Shirts - 40 lbs (Good and Moderate Qualities)

      Men & Women vintage music band t-shirts: - Any music related print - Includes real tags and printed

      Men's Vintage & Sports Branded T-shirts - 40 lbs (Good Quality)

      Men's Vintage & Sports Branded T-shirts: WITH TAGS ONLY - Short and longs sleeve t-shirts - 80's & 90's style - College and Pro sports Expected brands: Nautica, Ralph Lauren, Reebok, Champions, Adidas, Nike, and others.

      Men & Women Tie Dye T-shirts - 45 lbs (Good Quality)

      Men & Women Tie Dye T-shirts. Good Quality: Condition slight to moderate wear, may include slight faded garments and/or washable stains. (All our grades are manually sorted and subject to human errors).

      Men's Wrangler Jeans - 45 lbs (Good Quality)

      Men's wrangler jeans: - Straight and boot cut. - Bell bottoms.

      Men's Vintage Sweatshirt - 40 lbs (Premium and Good Quality)

      Men & Women's vintage sweatshirts: - Sweatshirts. Expected brands: Northface, Patagonia, Nike, Puma, Fila, Reebok, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, Champion. Special prints included like wild animals, cartoon characters and others.

      Men & Women Leather Jackets - 45 lbs (Premium Quality)

      Men and women leather jackets: - 80's style

      Men & Women Christmas Sweaters - 40 lbs. (Good Quality)

      Men & women Christmas Sweaters: - Sweaters and vests.

      Vinyl Records - 45 lbs (All Qualities Included)

      Vinyl Records: Any type or genre of vinyl records.