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      Women's Denim Jeans - 45 lbs (Premium Quality)

      Women's denim jeans: - Denim fabric only.

      Women's Denim Jacket - 45 lbs (Premium Quality)

      Jackets for women. Only Denim fabric.

      Men's Classic Jeans - 45 lbs (Good Quality)

      Men's classic jeans: - Denim fabric only.

      Men's Wrangler Jeans - 45 lbs (Good Quality)

      Men's wrangler jeans: - Straight and boot cut. - Bell bottoms.

      Women's Skinny Jeans - 45 lbs (Moderate Quality)

      Women skinny jeans: - Denim fabric only

      Men & Women Levi's 501 Jeans - 45 lbs (All Qualities Included)

      Men and women Levi's 501 Jeans. This grade includes vintage garments which might include excessive wear.

      Men & Women Vintage Denim Jackets - 45 lbs (All Qualities Included)

      Men and women denim jackets: - Vintage styles. - Branded and non-branded vintage style jackets (western, vintage)

      Men & Women Vintage Branded Jeans - 45 lbs. (All Qualities Included)

      Men and Women Vintage Branded Jeans Sizes: Includes all sizes. Expected brands: Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Guess, GAP.